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When a determined human being ventures to march against the easy go of a contemporary society, people in general take him as crazy.

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Sports  Facilities

Games and sports are the integral part of our co-curricular activities. Our sporting facilities include cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Football, Table Tennis. Tennis and basket ball and some other physical activities which are the part of Academic programme.

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By improving teaching methods, other supporting activities and participation of students as well as professionals, the school will improve the power of critical analysis and sound judgment among students, especially in upper primary and secondary classes by the next five years in order to bring qualitative change in mental outlook of the people at large.

. Also, the school will strive to propagate the message and need for quality education at every reachable doorstep of its ambience by the next seven years.

"For every hill I've had to climb..............
For all the blood and sweat and grime..............
My heart sings but a grateful song..............
There were the things that made me strong"

The above lines carry a deeper meaning than the written. "A Challenge can be viewed as climbing a hill. Going up the hill requires desire, determination & dedication. Along the way there may be unexpected obstacles.

About JD Public School
JD Public School has adopted a very dynamic and progressive attitude to expose children through an educational programmed so that they are able to face uncertainty in an uncertain future and be learner all life. With a dedicated Management, highly qualified and motivated teaching staff, modern and latest teaching techniques,
Primary Wings
The Pre-primary and Primary wings of JD Public School, Gonda have been innovatively designed to provide home-like atmosphere for imparting education under Montessori System and activity based learning program. It is recognized that the age from 2-6 years is the most impressionable period of child's growth.